About Brenda’s Stories

Brenda chose paranormal characters as the heroes in her romantic fiction because she believes they speak to the baser instincts of our subconscious.  They are dark and intriguing, the ultimate bad boys who can be tamed by true love.  And who of us doesn’t want the power of our love to be transforming?

Each book is written to be a stand-alone story, even the ones in the Alpha Council Chronicles series. Enjoy.  

What People Say About Brenda’s Books

Brenda Sparks weaves stories that… keep you on the edge of your seat and never fail to deliver a satisfying conclusion.

D.W. Adler

Ms. Sparks takes you on a journey that’ll have you turning pages just to find out what happens.

Rhea Regale

I loved the world building in (Brenda’s) story.

Harlie Williams