#TeaserTuesday Weaver of Dreams

The #TuesdayTeaser features an interesting line or short excerpt from a story. The excerpt from the book will be shared along with the book blurb and where you can find the book in case the line piqued your interest.

Excerpt: They floated along in silence, headed for the area of their world where Zane felt most at peace. A feeling of relief washed over him when they reached the waterfall. The multicolored river flowed over the rocks, to create a tranquil whirling sound that soothed his soul. The colors of the water swirled in a vortex of patterns at the base of the falls. It mesmerized all who gazed into the eddy for long. Zane found it allowed him to focus when his troubled mind refused to cooperate.

Today he needed it more than ever.

He settled his energy over the kaleidoscope of colors, allowing the wet spray to drip through him–cool and clean, like a spring day after a rain.

He would love to share this with the woman from last night. He bet she was the kind of woman who enjoyed the feel of the air after a good rain. He would like to see the look on her beautiful face when she saw his world.

Book Blurb: When guidance counselor Maggie O’Connell is plagued by terrible nightmares, she believes stress is the reason for her torment, but she couldn’t be more wrong. Unfortunately for Maggie, in the shadows of her dreams lurks a Dream Stalker who is addicted to the dark emotions produced by her night terrors.

Zane, a Dream Weaver from another dimension, visits Maggie in her nighttime fantasies to discover there is more than just a Dream Stalker after her. As the man of her fantasies becomes real, Maggie’s true nightmare begins.

Buy Links:

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Brenda-Sparks/e/B00B7AJBBQ

iBooks https://books.apple.com/us/author/brenda-sparks/id643137043

Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/%22Brenda%20Sparks%22;jsessionid=2F4221ED16638F18E041B57F9FB22853

Kobo https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=brenda%20sparks&fcsearchfield=Author

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