#TeaserTuesday Wulf by @kayelleallen

The #TuesdayTeaser features an interesting line or short excerpt from a story.  #TuesdayTeaser features a line or excerpt from a story. The excerpt from the book will be shared along with the book blurb and where you can find the book in case the line piqued your interest.


Luc introduced Wulf to the captain, ordered dinner for the two of them, and then took Wulf to his private stateroom. It held a desk with a built-in bench seat and an oversized bed with a pull down mesh covering that protected sleepers during low gravity.

Finally alone with the man he’d craved all day, Luc shut and locked the door, and leaned against it.

Wulf ambled around, trailing his fingers across the built-in dresser. Dressed in conservative business clothes, he fit in the room as if he’d been born to be there. He sat on the end of the bed and gazed back at Luc with an appealing mix of shyness and come-hither seduction.

Luc shrugged out of his jacket. “Is the room cool enough for you?”

Mmm hmm.”

“Good.” He started opening his shirt. “We’ll begin with a shower.”

Book Blurb: With his career threatened and his life at risk…

Wulf must seek help from the man responsible for the death of Wulf’s father. Luc Saint-Cyr, a.k.a. the Harbinger. An enigmatic man whose legendary power makes him the most feared person in the empire, and the one person Wulf swore he would never trust again.

For the Harbinger, saving Wulf is a simple matter of asserting his will. Luc’s ties to the Thieves’ Guild grant him access anywhere. He can shield Wulf without difficulty.

Until Luc brings Wulf home for safekeeping, and discovers the real reason for the threats. Protecting Wulf has not only put his and Wulf’s lives at risk, it’s also risked the life of Luc’s teenaged son.

Now, this is beyond protection.

To the Harbinger, this is personal…

Wulf, Tales of the Chosen, an erotic MM Sci-Fi romance between a lusty immortal and a hot, mortal supermodel who longs for protection.

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