#TuesdayTeaser Shelter From the Winter by DW Adler (@AdlerDW)

The #TuesdayTeaser features an interesting line or short excerpt from a story. The excerpt from the book will be shared along with the book blurb and where you can find the book in case the line piqued your interest. This week features a fantastic book from DW Alder. Shelter From the Winter happens to be one of my favorite stories, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

“What the hell are you, lady?” Jacob couldn’t contain his fright—this apparition had covered 200 metres of distance in the blink of an eye.

The shadow huffed, her shoulders sagging in disappointment. “You couldn’t come up with anything more original, could you? It’s always the same old fecking horror movie lines that come out of you.” She dropped Albert to the ground, turning to stand over Jacob, gesturing with her hands up and down her body as she continued in a bored voice. “I’m a vampire, got it? I know you all have been through a lot but really, open your minds. Now, onto more important things. ~Shelter From the Winter by DW Adler

Book Blurb: After a thousand years on the run, is a little peace and quiet too much to ask?

Brijit McRaith has been on the run for centuries. Pursued by her mad creator for most of her years as a vampire, she has finally found peace and sanctuary in her native Ireland. But a modern world on the brink of war has caught up with her and after decades of quiet, Brijit finds herself on the run again. To add to her personal chaos, she becomes smitten with mortal Kelly O’Donnell, and Brijit and her initial plans to lay low fall by the wayside. With an uncertain future ahead of her, can Brijit protect her newfound love from a world bent on destroying itself?

Originally published as a three book series, Shelter From The Winter now appears in its intended form as a single book, newly edited and featuring exciting new rewrites that expand the story of Brijit.

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