She enjoyed playing the pissed off demon, but he preferred the flirty one… #MFRWHooks

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Book Blurb:

Alexander Hall is a fun-loving vampire whose duty comes before all else, except maybe finding a heartmate. Discouraged when he is assigned to infiltrate a demonic compound, Alex plans on getting in and out fast, but fate has other plans. Once Alex discovers a sexy demon from his past is chosen as his guide, he couldn’t be more pleased.

Shira is a demon who likes to keep to herself, so when the demon king asks her to be Alex’s guide, she couldn’t be less pleased. Keeping the vampire from discovering demon secrets quickly becomes a fulltime job. A job she didn’t ask for and most definitely doesn’t want.

With the vampire’s desire for someone to commit his heart to and the demon looking to run as far away as possible, how will fate intervene to bring this unlikely couple together?

Intrigued by the excerpt above? Want another sneak peek into Alpha Eternal? Well, you got it.

Alpha Eternal by Brenda Sparks

“So, what brings you here, Shira?” As if I didn’t know.

“I was told to keep…I-I just wondered where you were.”

Told to keep an eye on me is more likely. Why else would she have stuck to him like glue every second he’d been here? He really shouldn’t complain. As guards went, she was a good-looking one, even if she needed an attitude adjustment now and then.

“Well, you found me.”

“Yeah, after searching around for hours. Why aren’t you in the communications room working on the computers?”

He shrugged. “I can’t do anything more until we figure out a way to cool the room, so the server won’t overheat.”

“Then shouldn’t you be thinking about that instead of messing about down here in the garage?” Shira accused hotly.

“I’ll have you know I do my best thinking under a car.” Perspiration trickled down his chest. Shira’s eyes hungrily followed the trail. Damn, it was fun getting her all riled up.

“And have you come up with a solution?” Shira moved a little closer as if she was afraid to get too near.

“I might have. Give me a little while longer to reason it through.” He grabbed two bottles of water from the top of the toolbox. “Want a drink?”

Shira took the one he offered. He tipped the other to his mouth and drained it in long swallows, allowing her a lengthy stare at him standing there half naked, head tipped back. Alex heard a soft moan push through her lips and struggled not to smile around the bottle. She enjoyed playing the pissed off demon, but he preferred the flirty one and wasn’t above using what the Fates gave him to bring that out.

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Thank you for visiting my blog and reading a snippet from Alpha Eternal. Alex is a flirty and fun character which made writing the Thanksgiving and Christmas scenes extra fun. While Alpha Eternal is part of the Alpha Council Chronicles series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Happy reading!

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