13 Things to Love About The #HOLIDAYS

With the holidays fast approaching, I started thinking of things I loved about the season. While many things came to mind, I decided to share 13 of my favorites with you. Please leave a comment and let me know if any of these resonate with you.

13 things I love about the holidays, even though things may be a little different this year due to the pandemic.

  1. Reading romance novels set during the holidays, even if they are a paranormal romance like my newest release, Alpha Eternal.
  2. The Hallmark Channel. The ENTIRE CHANNEL is dedicated to showing Christmas themed movies, and it’s glorious.
  3. Singing Christmas carols, especially ones I can harmonize with.
  4. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
  5. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Takes me back to my childhood.
  6. Lavish department store window displays.
  7. Everyone is encouraged to bring a tree inside and fill their home with that Christmassy pine smell.
  8. Strangers bond over stories involving delivery companies and the post office.
  9. Christmas lights. Inside or out they add to the festivities. You could decorate a garbage can with twinkle lights and it would look magical.
  10. Seasonal spices! Just dump some cinnamon, peppermint or ginger in anything you’re cooking, and it suddenly “tastes like Christmas.”
  11. Eggnog. YUM!
  12. Dinner with the family, even if is it via Zoom this year. Dramatic or peaceful, there’s nothing like a meal with loved ones to make life interesting.
  13. Watching children’s eyes light up when they see Santa. I love experiencing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of children so much that I included the experience in one of the scenes in Alpha Eternal. The hero in the story, Alex, is such a fun character. Watching him interact with the kids won my heart.
Here is a little more about Alpha Eternal..

Book Blurb:

Alexander Hall is a fun-loving vampire whose duty comes before all else, except maybe finding a heartmate. Discouraged when he is assigned to infiltrate a demonic compound, Alex plans on getting in and out fast, but fate has other plans. Once Alex discovers a sexy demon from his past is chosen as his guide, he couldn’t be more pleased.
Shira is a demon who likes to keep to herself, so when the demon king asks her to be Alex’s guide, she couldn’t be less pleased. Keeping the vampire from discovering demon secrets quickly becomes a fulltime job. A job she didn’t ask for and most definitely doesn’t want.
With the vampire’s desire for someone to commit his heart to and the demon looking to run as far away as possible, how will fate intervene to bring this unlikely couple together?

Buy Links:


Barnes and Noble


While Alpha Eternal is the final book in the Alpha Council Chronicles series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. That said, in case you’d like to purchase the entire series, I have included the links below.

Series Buy Links:


Apple Books

Book Bub


Barnes and Noble


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